Grinding is a machining process in which a large number of hard crystals (abrasive grains) of undefined geometry are used to remove material. In the electroplating field, it is mainly used as a pre-treatment of decorative and technical-functional surfaces. Surface defects such as scratches, cavities, casting grades, etc. are removed by grinding, brushing and polishing. When sanding, material is lifted off the surface with the help of sanding belts, for example, resulting in scratches and sanding marks. These sanding marks are refined in successive work steps with smaller sanding belt grit.

Depending on the surface requirements, the workpieces can also be brushed or polished.
When brushing, you work with cord or sisal brushes and a paste mixed with fine abrasive grains.
For polishing, so-called polishing rings or polishing discs are used in conjunction with special polishing pastes. There is practically no more material removal, the finest structures are achieved, which make the part almost “mirror-smooth”. This is necessary, for example, for a subsequent high-gloss chrome plating.