Elektrolyse AG coats surfaces with metallic coatings, in particular for high-voltage distribution, aircraft and mechanical engineering. Almost 90 percent of the manufactured workpieces are exported directly or via customers. The company competes with suppliers worldwide and is therefore exposed to considerable price pressure. With Primeo Energie, production costs have been noticeably reduced.

After the opening of the electricity market, Primeo Energie didn't just give us one very interesting offer: You also have the time taken to explain the options of the electricity market to us in detail.

Benefit from liberalization? Why, surely!

In the international competitive environment of Elektrolyse AG, a supply of cheap electricity is essential in order to survive on the world market. The decision to switch to a new electricity supplier was easy for the company thanks to sound advice on procurement and switching processes. Due to their individual requirements, Elektrolyse AG finally decided on a fixed-price product with planning security for several years. The actual conversion was then not even noticeable – apart from the savings that the company has made since then.

Thanks to the long-term contracts with Primeo Energie, we can plan realistically – this is crucial in our competitive environment. We feel very well advised on this point.

Further cost savings through photovoltaics

In order to achieve further energy savings, the company plans to produce its own solar power in the future. A photovoltaic system on the 2800 m2 roof area of Elektrolyse AG will generate up to 60 percent of the energy required in production over the next few years.

For the future we could imagine, at some point together to implement a storage solution for solar power with Primeo Energie.