Electrolytic nickel

The nickel bath meets all the requirements of a modern high-performance electrolyte. The electrolyte is optimally optimized to meet the needs of our customers in terms of corrosion protection. It is mainly used for technical interlayers.
Deposition of high-gloss, decorative layers on request .

Sour copper

The bath has good metal distribution and excellent hiding power. The copper coatings are fine-grained to moderately bright and ductile. The electrolyte is mainly used for technical intermediate layers and thick copper plating.
Deposition of high-gloss, decorative layers on request .

silver (technical)

The silver electrolyte is particularly suitable for the electrical and electronics industry.
It is characterized by its very good spreadability. The specific electrical resistance of the silver freshly separated from the silver bath is initially 1.88 µΩ x cm and, during storage, assumes the value of pure silver, 1.66 µΩ x cm. The hardness of freshly deposited silver coatings is 120 HV0.05. A value of 80 HV0.05 is reached during storage. The silver bath provides bright, shiny and haze-free layers.
High-gloss, decorative layers on request .